what is the purpose of this event? what type of event is this? who are the stakeholders in this event? is this a brand new event or an annual affair?


event design starts by expanding on these questions. together we will uncover these answers.


after we have outlined the events' purpose + objectives, then we can sort out those important logistics (dates, # of attendees, event elements, av requirements, etc.).


finding the vendors by yourself is time consuming.

how do you know you have found the right partner?


think of me as your event matchmaker. i work with a wide variety of trusted vendors in all areas of the event industry + will handpick the best people for your event. 


leading up to the event i will create an event pack to distribute to vendors ahead of time. this event pack will cover all logistics.

management of vendors is my cup of tea + i will make sure nothing is missed for your live event or virtual gathering.


if you need anything throughout the day, i will do everything in my power to make it happen. you can be present at your event knowing the chaos is under control.

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