hello lovelies + welcome to the revolution.

my name is ashley devenney + my mission is simple: create collaborative marketing campaigns + events that generate authentic connections + spark a meaningful impact.

as a connector + communicator by nature, the marketings + events industry became a natural platform to help inspire connections + to create the most return on a clients' investment.

designing, coordinating + managing an event or campaign that have a purpose is no easy task, and that's where i come in.

what do i bring to the table?

a large network of partners/vendors, an in-depth understanding into one of the most "mysterious" parts of an event (AV services) + an eye for detail to ensure your event goals are always in the forefront of the event design. with more than 8 years experience with lightroom, photoshop + photography, your digital brand presence is about to get kicked up several notches!


i know you are going to love being a part of the revolution.

- ashley devenney

d'events + design

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