the difference

d'events + design is going to change how you create, execute + capture your marketing + event efforts. period.


explore what sets us apart, learn about our design + management philosophy, + how we plan to #connectandcapture your event. 

[we apply this methodology to our marketing + content creation too!]


you want to see your marketing + event goals come to life in a clear + measurable way. 

you want to the right solution, the right people + the right design for your event/campaign.

 you are tired of being told "you have to use x, y + z" when selecting vendors. 

you want a collaborative partner that actually gives a sh*t about your production. 

you want transparency when it comes to the plan + the steps needed for success.

you deserve a driving force that is passionate + committed to achieving your goals.

stop wanting, wishing + hoping, it's time to change the narrative

#connect with d'events + design.

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 the process 

 design, coordination + mgmt 

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